The Challenger Cup

Welcome to the Challenger Cup! We're glad your interested in participating in the 2016 Spring Challenger Series. To take your first steps please follow all the instructions below. Make sure you have also read the General Info on the Challenger series for any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you on Aug 27th (EU) and Aug 28th for NA!

First Steps

To create your Challenger Cup team please designate (1) ONE person that will be responsible for managing the team information. This person must have and be responsible for:

  • Must have a Tiermonster.Events acount in good standing.
  • Must be able to connect to the Tiermonster Discord Server.
  • Will be responsible for creating the team in our system.
  • Will be responsible for check-in on the appropriate game days.
  • Will be the point of contact between tournament administrators and the team.
  • Will be responsible for updating team information during the course of the series.
  • Will be present on the Tiermonster discord during the event.

The person that creates the Challenger Cup team in our system will be designated as the team manager for the purpose of the Challenger Cup event, and will be the interface between tournament administrators and the team.

Create Your Team

Have your team manager Login to their Tiermonster.Events account. Team creation is handled from the dashboard of the website, please follow the below steps to register your team.

  • On your dashboard click CREATE CHALLENGER TEAM
  • Fill out the form presented to you, make sure your region and player names are all correct.
  • Click CREATE TEAM and you will be returned to your dashboard.
  • On your dashboard you will now see a box labeled MY CHALLENGER TEAM
  • You may edit your team from this control box at any point.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you need to delete your team for any reason, please contact the tournament administrators. Deleted teams may lose points and seeding for the Challenger Series.

My Team Is Created, Now What?

On the day of a Challenger Cup event, The Team Manager will be responsible for checking the team into that days tournament. To do this please follow these steps:

  • LOGIN to your Tiermonster.Events account.
  • EDIT your team information if anything has changed.
  • Once check-in's are open click the green CHECK-IN button listed under that days event.
  • You can check to see if your team is checked-in by clicking the PARTICIPANTS button under that days event. Make sure your team is listed as a participant.

My Team Is Checked-In, So We?

Once you are checked-in, please have the team manager join our discord server and hang out in the Challenger Cup voice chat room. Team managers please make sure your name in discord is formatted as YOUR NAME - YOUR TEAM NAME this will help greatly when setting up matches. Once check-in's close tournament administrators will do a quick review of format, rules and any gods that may not be used for the day. Once this is complete, Challenger Cup matches will begin for the day.


If you run into issues either registering on the site, or during the event please contact a tournament administrator on our DISCORD server on event days, or email HELP AT TIERMONSTER DOT COM on non-event days.