The Challenger Cup

Welcome to the Challenger Cup, your stepping stone to the SMITE Pro League! The Challenger Cup is an seven week competition of the best amateur teams in the SMITE community for cash and gem prizing. If you have an amateur SMITE team, please make sure to read the information below to take your first steps into participating in this competition.

Challenger Cup matches will be played on Saturdays for the European region and Sundays for the North American region. Make sure you have read HOW TO PLAY which is a step by step guide on how to join the Challenger Cup.


The Challenger Cup will be an seven week competition consisting of four weeks of open bracket, soft seeded single elimination brackets. Two weeks of round robin, then a final week of single elimination brackets.

  • Teams will earn points during the open bracket phase of the competition, at the end of the four weeks the top eight teams from each region will move on to the round robin phase.
  • The Round robin will be broken into two groups of 4 teams, with each team playing the others once per week. The top 4 teams from the round robin in each region will move on to the finals.
  • The semi-finals will be a best of 5 semi-final elimination with a best of 1 3rd/4th place match.
  • The Challenger Cup will follow the Standard Challenger Cup Rules as defined by HiRez Studios.
  • The 1st and 2nd placed teams from each region after week seven will advance to compete in a LAN at HiRez Studios.
  • The Challenger Cup will be broadcast on Smitegame2


The Spring Challenger Cup will be played over the following dates:

Week EU - Sat EU - Check In NA - Sun NA - Check In
Week 1 Aug 27th 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Aug 28th 10:00AM EDT
Week 2 Sept 3rd 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Sept 4th 10:00AM EDT
Week 3 Sept 10th 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Sept 11th 10:00AM EDT
Week 4 Sept 17th 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Sept 18th 10:00AM EDT
Week 5 Sept 24th 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Sept 25th 10:00AM EDT
Week 6 Oct 1st 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Oct 2nd 10:00AM EDT
Week 7 Oct 8th 8:00am EDT / 2:00 CEST Oct 9th 10:00AM EDT

The Gauntlet

A change implemented for the fall split of the Challenger Cup is that week 7 will only be the semi-finals and the final 3rd / 4th place matches. The top two teams will advance to the Gauntlet at HiRez Studios where the top two teams will face each other in the first round of the Gauntlet with the winner being crowned the Challenger Cup Champion. The Winner will then move on to face the bottom ranked SPL teams and earn a chance to attend the Super Regional LAN.


All Challenger Cup games will be formatted as follows:

  • Match types will be Custom - Conquest.
  • Match modes will be Draft - Conquest with 8 bans.
  • The top seeded team will have the option for First Pick or Second Pick, whichever team takes first pick will host the match.
  • In best of (3/5) the loser of the first match will have First Pick / Second Pick option for game 2, Loser of game 2 will have FP/SP option et al.
  • Tournament admins will tell you when to being your match.
  • Some matches will be spectated for casting, teams will be informed by tournament admins.


During the open bracket four week single elimination phase of the Challenger Cup, teams will accrue points based on their placement outcome for that week. Points will also determine the seeding for the next weeks bracket and the round robin phase of the tournament. Points will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Place - 100 points
  • 2nd Place - 60 points
  • 3rd Place - 40 points
  • 4th Place - 25 points
  • 5th - 8th place - 10 points
  • 9th - 16th - 5 points
  • 17th and higher - 2 points

Voice Communications

Voice Communications will be provided through our Discord server. The Team Manager/Captain must be connected to voice communications and be able to hear and communicate with tournament administrators. The full team is welcome to use the provided voice communications but this is not required.


Prizing will be determined as follows:

Week 1-4

  • 1st Place - 1200 Gems Per Player
  • 2nd Place - 800 Gems Per Player
  • 3rd Place - 400 Gems Per Player
  • 4th Place - 200 Gems Per Player

Week 5 & 6

  • Top 4 Teams - 1200 Gems Per Player
  • Bottom 4 Teams - 800 Gems Per Player
  • * Distributed after week 7

Week 7

  • 3rd Place - $750
  • 4th Place - $500


  • 1st Place - $2,500
  • 2nd Place - $1,250

Gem and Cash prizing is distributed by the HiRez Community managers, Tiermonster Events will submit a list of winners to HiRez for distribution once the event is complete. Gems will be distributed directly to your account in game and will not be in the form of redemption codes. Tiermonster.Events managers do not have control over how/when the prizing is distributed, but will act as a third party for any disputes.