Challenger Circuit Format & Prizing Spring Split

The Spring Split of the Challenger Circuit will be played over (6) weeks of competition and will consist of the (4) teams determined by the relegations process. During the first (3) weeks each team will compete against the other teams once in game sets of 2 for points.

A team that wins a match will receive (1) point, if they win both matches in their set they will receive (3) points. A team that does not win any matches in their set will receive (0) points. At the end of the first three weeks, the top (2) two teams will qualify for the last two weeks of the Challenger Circuit.

The bottom two teams will go into a one weekend relegation against the top two teams from the Smite Combine. Combine and Circuit teams will play against each other team once in a set of two matches, or (6) six matches on that competition day. At the end of the relegations weekend, the two teams with the most points will move on to the second half of the Challenger Circuit.

The final two weeks of the Circuit will see the teams once again playing each other once in sets of two. Points from the first half of the Circuit will have been reset, and at the end of the (2) week second half of the Circuit, the top (1) team from the Circuit will move on to the Spring Gauntlet Lan hosted by HiRez, with the top (2) teams also qualifying for the Summer SPL relegations. The bottom two teams will participate in a second relegations weekend against the top two teams of the combine to secure spots in the Summer Challenger Circuit.

Game Format

All Challenger Circuit Matches will be formatted as follows:

  • Match Type - Custom Conquest.
  • Match Mode - Draft - Conquest with 8 Bans.
  • Pick - The top seeded team will have the option for First Pick or Second Pick, whichever team takes first pick will host the match.
  • Losing Team - Will have option for First Pick or Second Pick during the second match.
  • Spectator - All Matches will be spectated by an admin, the admins will tell you when you can begin your match.


All teams that participate in the Challenger Circuit will receive $250 USD each week they participate in one of the regulation (5) weeks of circuit play.

Prizing will be distributed by HiRez to the winning teams, each team captain will be required to submit their teams payment information to Circuit admins before the completion of the Spring Challenger Circuit event.

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