Challenger Circuit Schedule 2017

For Weeks 5 - 6 Teams will play each other once in two game sets. Winners will receive 1 point per win, 3 points if they win both of their matches. At the end of week 3 the two teams with the most points will qualify to move on in the circuit, the remaining teams will move to relegations where they will play the top two teams from the combine. The Schedule for weeks 5 and 6 is as follows:

Team captains before match play for your region, please log on to the Tiermonster Discord to check in with event administrators in the #Challenger-Circuit text chat room.

Week 5 - 6 EU Region

  • Check In Time: 8:00AM EST / 2:00PM CET
Week Match 1 Match 2
Week 5 - Set 1 New Game Plus VS CNP Novus Orsa Vs VicS
Week 5 - Set 2 New Game Plus VS VicS Novus Orsa VS CNP
Week 6 New Game Plus VS Novus Orsa CNP VS VicS

Week 5 - 6 NA Region

  • Check In Time: 10:00AM EDT
Week Match 1 Match 2
Week 5 - Set 1 Monkey Business Vs Storm SPL Gatekeepers VS Turkeys
Week 5 - Set 2 Monkey Business Vs Turkeys SPL Gatekeepers Vs Storm
Week 6 SPL Gatekeepers VS MOnkey Business Turkeys Vs Storm

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